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Simplified Patient Advocacy believes that knowledge is the key to making healthcare decisions. We meet our clients exactly where they are in their healthcare journey. We gather information and resources, and we collaborate with their healthcare team – ensuring our clients are prepared and confident before making decisions about their healthcare.

About Us


Our vision is to inspire and empower each individual’s personal healthcare goals.


Our mission is to help each client identify and achieve their personal healthcare goals, while promoting their dignity and quality of life.


We value hard work and determination, we believe everyone should be treated with respect and dignity, and we believe in holding ourselves and your healthcare team accountable. We take pride in our diverse clientele, respecting where our clients come from, and where their goals will take them.

Why Us

We will work diligently to determine your desired health outcomes and identify the steps needed to achieve your specific goals. We take pride in maintaining dignity and respect for our clients and their wishes. It may become necessary to make difficult decisions or have difficult conversations; you can rest assured that you’ll have our unwavering support as we see you through to your goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Board Certified Patient Advocate (BCPA) has studied and passed a national certification exam. They are qualified to assist patients and their families, navigate the healthcare system to find solutions to barriers to care, and help their clients reach their healthcare goals. 

Board Certified Patient Advocates have earned their credentials by passing a national boards exam, and maintain certification through continued education. These credentials are governed by the Patient Advocate Certification Board.

At one time or another, we could each benefit from working with a patient advocate. A patient advocate can help if you are in a health crisis, you are caring for a loved one, or you are preparing for the future. Please see our Services & Fees page for an idea of services we offer.

.Often, our strongest allies are our family and friends. However, a Board Certified Patient Advocate (BCPA) is a specialist in their field. Their experience and education are likely to garner faster results with a lot less stress on the patient and their support team.

There are no known insurance companies currently reimbursing for advocacy services. Here at Simplified Patient Advocacy, we believe it is for the best that we are wholly and completely responsible to our client. For this reason, we will never exchange any payment, kickbacks, or gifts with healthcare providers or insurance companies. 

Fees vary depending on what services are being provided. Please see our Services & Fees page for details or contact us with specific questions.

SimplifiedPatient does not track or collect any data from its website users. If you submit questions, comments, or complete forms, your information may be kept for up to 365 days. No information will be shared with any outside entities.
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Michael G.

"It is far more than you know to possess your attitude to work. You made extraordinary service happen, and I thank you. 100% professional, patient, and gracious with your time. Obviously, dedicated and willing to go the extra mile, as needed"

Pauli M.

"We were certainly impressed by how caring and tenacious you were on our behalf”

Chelsea L.

"Loyal, committed, and caring”

Tiffany F.

"Respectful, compassionate, and dedicated”

Sally A.

"Knowledgeable and empathetic. A gifted and hardworking problem solver”

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