Services & Fees

We take the time to learn about our client’s healthcare goals and we meet them exactly where they are, in their journey. We identify any barriers to care and work to navigate them, together.


Navigating the healthcare system can be overwhelming. We simplify the process, making achieving your healthcare goals a reality. We specialize in activities such as managing records, organizing, completing, or filing paperwork and applications. We can also research options for things like alternative treatment options, or help you choose appropriate providers.

Some of our clients find it beneficial to have assistance before, during, and after medical appointments.

We recommend being highly prepared before each medical appointment.

We offer appointments specifically, meant to prepare our clients and their caregivers to make the most out of their time with healthcare providers. 

We are able to accompany our clients to medical appointments with their primary care provider or specialists. We will provide a written summary of the appointment, including any recommendations offered by the provider. 

Upon request, we can schedule any follow-up appointments, labs, scans, etc. Every event we schedule for our clients will include a follow up call 48 hours in advance of the appointment time, to remind the client of the appointment, and make sure no changes need to be made. 

These options are meant to help our clients take full advantage of their provider’s time, and increase our client’s confidence in their healthcare choices.

Learning differences can affect every stage of our lives. We offer navigation services and resources, for all age groups and learning differences. Learning is a lifelong pursuit, with an ever-moving goal; we strive to support our clients throughout their learning experiences. 

Our older population has unique needs and goals. Whether they are managing their own care, caring for a spouse, or any other system worked out by care providers, they deserve to feel safe and protected while they enjoy their latter years. We can help manage the unique needs of our beloved seniors, help address and overcome current concerns, as well as assist our clients as they prepare for their future. 


$ 150.00 flat fee.

Your initial consultation will take approximately 75 minutes and will include:

A phone/video/or in-person consultation where we will discuss concerns, goals, and any initial barriers to care. 

We will review how Simplified Patient Advocacy operates and how we intend to help manage your concerns and assist while you accomplish your goals.

As a client, you will receive a report including what we discussed, and our plan to reach your goals. 

We require a retainer. Any future work will be deducted from the retainer. Monthly reports will be provided describing any charges and retainer balance. 

$ 150.00 per hour for advocacy services.

Client consultation rate is $ 150.00 per hour.

Professional consultation rate is $ 200.00 per hour.